SheNotes Wellness

Balance & Wellness Coach

Master Meditation Teacher
Reiki Master

Nutrition Therapy Practitioner 


About Raychelle

“The balance of mind, body and spirits allows us to access our internal pharmacy.”

“Find something to celebrate about your life daily” has been the mantra for Raychelle LeBlanc for at least a decade. After battling and winning the fight against severe panic attacks and anxiety attacks in the 90s, daily celebrations were in order hence the name of her coaching company, Cake Everyday Coaching Circle.

In 2009 Ms. LeBlanc contributed to an anthology titled “How The Fierce Handle Fear” where she shares her story about her relationship with fear. Little did she know that her sharing would begin a healing process for so many? After taking stock in her own process of healing as well as the process of others, one glaring common denominator was lack of balance. Whether it was relationships or disease, imbalance seemed to be at the root. Here in lies her plight. 

Being personable in her approach and relentless in her pursuant has always worked for Raychelle  Those attributes have proven to be very necessary assets for the networking and publicity maverick as a professional in the world of entertainment for the last 15 years. They would prove to be just as effective in the world of healing.

As a certified Nutrition Therapy Practioner, Life and Wellness coach her goal is to meet people where they are and partner with them for breakthroughs so that they can manifest the lives that they want. As a master meditation teacher, her goal is to provide a platform for people to be still, look inside of themselves and discover every answer and fill every gap and as a Reiki Master, her goal is to provide the ultimate experience in relaxation, clearing and healing. Mind, body & spirit balance.

When not coaching or holding sessions, Raychelle still works with a small roster of PR and marketing clients.

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