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Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner,
Master Mediation Teacher
Reiki Master, Manifestation & Wellness Coach

Manifestation & Wellness Coaching

How do you truly manifest your true heart desires?  Do you feel you have a greater purpose in life and are now ready to fulfill that purpose? Is fear and anxiety hold you back? If any of these questions resonate with you, then one on one individual coaching is for you! Unlike a lot of coaching programs, Coach Raychelle does more than just writing down goals and dreams for your life. We employ the Wellness Mapping 360 model and have created 7 steps to give you clarity, harmony and a straight path to whatever it is that you wish to manifest in your life!



Thankful to Raychelle LeBlanc Cake Everyday Coaching Circle for the Guided Meditation and Reiki session a few weeks ago. The intentions have come to fruition already. Very thankful and using what I've learned during these sessions to improve life for myself and others. Be back for more soon Coach!

Guided Meditation

As a master meditation teacher, my  goal is to provide a platform for stillness, reflection and discovery. Guided imagery and guided meditation is where manifestation starts. See it, feel it, and call forth the experience.  

Learn skills for balance, clarity and tools to promote healing.   

Monthly subscription is $40 for 4 sessions.  ($10 a session).  

Private, 1 on 1 sessions are also available and include a coaching and journaling session  - $25

Feel free to email for details. 


Reiki Master

Reiki is a Japanese technique used for relaxation, chakra clearing and promotes healing.  As a Reiki practitioner, my goal is to provide the ultimate experience in relaxation, clearing and healing. Reiki is a great tool for mind, body & spirit alignment.

$60 per session




Tori Vogt

Diet Analysis and Nutrition Recommendation 

No longer will you have to wonder about how many minerals and nutrients you consume during your meals.  The diet analysis provides a clear picture of what you consume from your  3,5 or 7 Day Food Journal. The Nutrition Recommendation takes your analysis and creates a clear concise plan including how to consume the minerals and nutrients that you have been lacking. It includes how and where to find the necessary minerals and nutrients, a shopping list, meal plan and recipes.  

Other services, detoxification, foundation meals, meal planning

$125 and includes 2 coaching sessions. (in person or via the phone)



In the Summer of 2016, I contacted Raychelle for a series of coaching sessions to handle a few life transitions.  Raychelle embodies the principles of compassion, honesty, conviction, and power. During each call, I was given tools to help me along the path and unlock the “dead” ideas and behaviors that blocked my lively energy. Moreover, as more issues came the surface, Raychelle provided thorough advice, while remaining non-judgmental. Her commitment to truth coupled with an endearing spirit and calm demeanor made me feel comfortable.  It also allowed me to reflect on things in between our sessions.  While there is a fine line between coaching and therapy, Raychelle’s unique approach offers a blended style that results in empowering clients. I am grateful for her advice.  She helped me to see that my story while poignant and painful isn’t the driver for my success, more so how I integrate all of the pieces into a wonderful masterpiece which can be myself. I’m still doing the work and grateful for Raychelle for assisting me in becoming a person, of character, compassion, and vulnerability.


MSM, New York City

Wellness Pic.jpg

An Intimate Day of Wellness

An Intimate Day of Wellness is full day retreat and 1-on-1 with Coach Raychelle that interrupts the mundane. Everything about this day is for you and about YOU! 

The One Day Retreat includes: 

• Devotion Time and Morning Meditation 

• Life Assessment Session 

• Journaling Sessions to include Inner Child, Higher Self, Release, Rewrite, Renew 

• Mindful meal preparation and lunch designed specifically for your nutritional and emotional needs 

• Diet Analysis 

• Treatment: Reiki, Reflexology, or Massage 

• Declarations and intentions. 

• Personal binder with all of the above 

and more...

You will leave this experience with new clarity and feeling refreshed and renewed. I cannot wait to host you. 

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