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Journaling Back to Balance Call Series. Your What's Next is Waiting.

Journaling Back to Balance!

My new book, The Daily Slice Journal, is doing well and I would like to thank you all for your support. You allowing me to share something that has been so healing for me, means the world to me. For those of you that are familiar with my first book, How the Fierce Handle Fear, you know the relationship that I have had with fear. Of the many tools that were instrumental in me recovering from bouts of panic and anxiety, journaling was at the top of the list. The many ways to utilize your journal are limitless but I would like to share my 4 favorite here:

1) Growth - One of the many things that you will find as you continue to journal is your ability to go back through your entries and see growth. I was always amazed and sometimes tickled when I would go back months or even years and read about how the new and improved me handled very similar situations.

2) Clarity - Being able to gather your innermost thoughts & feeling and pour them out on paper provides clarity and cleansing. I would often times find myself at a loss for words or without the courage to share my thoughts. Journaling provided the perfect opportunity for me to say/write it and try it on before I would speak it.

3) Gratitude - Gratitude journaling is one of my all time favorite things. Here at Cake Everyday, we believe in celebrating something about life daily. In your Daily Slice Journal, you will find an affirmation or quote to help you get started. Or you simply write down the things that you are grateful for in that moment, every morning or evening. Try it for 21 days, it will change your life.

4) Balance - I love to refer to my journal as the road map to balance! It provides a landscape for me to see and address the areas that I need to work on. On countless occasions after readig back over my entries, I have had to regroup and shift. There is power in that :-) As many of you know I have been facilitating journaling workshops over the last couple of months and the feedback has been amazing, but that the day session is not enough. So I am launching the Journaling Back to Balance call series.

Using a Balance Life Wheel, and my book, Your Daily Slice Journal, we will rate, and address the areas in your life that you would like to have more balance. As we all know, when our mind, body and spirit are balanced, it allows us to access our internal pharmacy. Clarity, health, gratitude and balance are just n email away.

Journling Back to Balance Call Series

The series includes 5 calls that target specific areas in your life that you would like to address, tons of affirmations and journaling exercises that you can use anytime that you need a shift.

The price of the book is included in the cost. If you have not done so you can order here: (series valued at $250)

You total investment: $157 (a savings of $93) Gotta love that!!!

Email me at to get started today. Your what's next is waiting. :-)

Here is what they are saying about Raychelle LeBlanc, The Cake Everyday Coaching Circle and Your Daily Slice Journal:

"Thankful to Raychelle LeBlanc Cake Everyday Coaching Circle for the Guided Meditation and Reiki session a few weeks ago. The intentions have come to fruition already. Very thankful and using what I've learned during these sessions to improve life for myself and others. Be back for more soon Coach!"

-Tori Voght

"Having struggled with depression job loss and a dwindling self esteem, I knew I wanted to change but had no idea how to change. Therapy helped, but it was still an ongoing battle to fight against my inner voice and actually do differently. That's when I found the Cake Everyday program; the guidance and support I needed to start my path to transformation.

Raychelle's Cake Everyday program is built around eliminating the old stories of your past that keep you tethered to your old behavior, reaffirming and rebuilding your positive vision of yourself, and then launching into your future. It was exactly what I needed! The process was invigorating, cleansing and freeing. Her weekly coaching dialogues held me accountable for my progress while offering a firm hand of support and to guide me through "rebuilding".

After 9 weeks in the program a result, I am stronger, more focused and ready to put into action the dreams I had long forgotten. If you are ready to be the person you have always hoped to be, I highly recommend this trans-formative experience"

-Kae Bruney

"Raychelle LeBlane delivers a wealth of wisdom with daily slices of inspiration that helps you to reflect on finding peace within yourself and the relationships you are in. The Daily Slice Journal is an awesome book to express your thoughts on your road to self discovery."

-Val Carey, Founder of TOTM!

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