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You are invited to An Intimate Day of Wellness.

An Intimate Day of Wellness is a full day retreat and 1-on-1 with Coach Raychelle that interrupts the mundane. In order to have something that you have never had, you have to do somethings that you've never done.

The One Day Retreat includes:

• Devotion Time and Morning Meditation

• Life Assessment Session

• Journaling Sessions to include Inner Child, Higher Self, Release, Rewrite, Renew

• Mindful meal preparation and lunch designed specifically for your nutritional and emotional needs, meal planning, foundation meals

• Diet Analysis

• Treatment: Reiki, Reflexology, or Massage

• Declarations and intentions.

• Personal binder with all of the above

and more...

And Intimate Day of Wellness is a day designed specifically for you. Everything about this day is for and about you. From the guided meditations and journaling work to the meal plans and affirmations. You will emerge from this experience with laser focus and a fresh outlook. And if not for you, this day of undivided attention serves as the perfect gift!

For additional information:

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