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What Are You REALLY Eating?

A Diet Analysis & Nutrition Recommendation provide an up-close and personal view of everything you put in your mouth, how your body uses it, and any vitamins, nutrients or micronutrients that you may be lacking. I love doing Diet Analysis' because it is truly a tangible, personal road map to YOUR optimal health.

How do we get started?

Step 1, keep a food journal for 3 to 5 days of all foods, water intake and exercise.

Step 2, I take that journal and plug it into my nifty program and will be able to account for all vitamins, nutrients and micronutrient, salt, sugar and calories.

Step 3, I then use all of this vital information to create a Nutrition Recommendation that is specific to you, your body, your life and your needs.

It includes:

- Any and all vitamin, nutrient and micronutrient deficiencies or excesses.

- Why and how does your body need and use them

- Where and how you can get them through nutrition or supplements

- Shopping List

- Meal Plan

- Recipes

It is everything that you need to get and remain on track. I am ready to get started! Are you? Let's get started today!

For questions or additional information feel free to email me at

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